About Me

Bringing new ideas to old problems

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono
     Even from a young age, I knew I had a creative mind. From finding new ways to build with Legos to making my dream world a reality, the ability to see beyond what is in front of me has always been strong. I was raised in a house where I was the oldest child and had four sisters, so being accommodating and attending to needs has always been a part of me. I love creating new opportunities and solutions from problems and situations where what has been done before won't work anymore.
     I spend my time learning about Public Relations, blogging and taking in what's going on around me in an effort to follow trends and make them a part of how I function and survive. Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you enjoy it!

Why Choose Me?

I'm Creative

Taking my personal experiences and knowledge gained from my degree in Public Relations I have a special set of ideas and skills that would suit your needs in a new and exciting way.

I'm Punctual

From project creation to project completion, you can be assured that I will create quality content within the time frame required for completion.

I have energy

Sometimes it's best to have a fresh set of eyes on your problems. I excel at creating opportunities from former headaches, looking at old issues with new perspectives.