I find that I keep offering God my service when what He wants is my fellowship.

John Paul Warren
I served as the "creative intern" for the youth ministry at First Baptist Church Opelika. I worked to create a fun and inviting environment for the students through engaging them and building relationships along with two other interns. I also participated in weekly staff meetings that served to evaluate efforts from the week as well as plan future events and elements to be incorporated into the youth ministry.
Within my personal role, I was the sole creator of content for the student ministry blog. This included four posts a week, as well as a few special week-long campaigns, such as during Holy Week. I also created social media promotional materials to publicize these blog posts and other events such as Disciple weekend and various mission trip opportunities. In addition, I played in the worship band.

My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day.

Johnny Carson
I have worked for MIA Photography since 2009. Because it is my parent's company, I have run the gamut of roles and responsibilities. These include being a photographer for events, sports action shots, sport team and individual shots, selling photography packages, organizing workers and events, ordering pictures and editing all of the pictures using Photoshop.
Working for MIA has helped me to become a tolerant and patient employee. I have dealt with many different groups of people: good and bad parents, whole teams of six-year-old boys, impatient coaches and workers who wouldn't comply with company procedures. I feel this experience has shaped me into being an adaptable communicator for whatever situation is presented.

All of our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney
In the fall of 2013, I worked as a character performer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This was a semester-long program that I tried out for and was accepted into. As a character performer I worked in three different types of shifts. The first was the standard meet and greet where parents would wait in line with their children to meet the characters one-on-one. The next form was character dining and this had the character performers making rounds to each table to greet whole families for specific restaurants on the Disney property. Lastly, I worked at dance parties. This was simply a time where character performers would go out and dance among the crowds in specified areas.
Working for Disney really shaped my perception of creating enjoyable relationships with people, no matter the amount of time you will be spending with them. It also taught me how to communicate effectively in new ways such as conveying an entire message through non-verbal means. In training, they told us that we need to give our messages in a way that could be understood by people ages 2 to 100 and of any language or ethnicity, which was no easy task.

Shoddy work is not just shoddy work. It's a failure of love.

Matt Perman
Since sophomore year of college I have worked in a leadership position at ACF. This role meant different things each year, but it included weekly meetings and a willingness to be intentional through the ACF community. This past year, I worked with the freshman class, spending time with them and garnering new relationships in order to expand the ACF family. After I graduate in August, I will be working at ACF as an intern to the students for the 2015/2016 school year.
I have learned through my time at ACF that building community is an essential function to the success of organizations, both big and small. To communicate wholly and effectively, there must be a precedent of relationships and bonding in order to move forward together. I also learned that simple meaningful things you do for people, whether it be having a conversation or writing them an encouraging note, go a long way in building other people's confidence and self-worth.

If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they'd be.

Lauren Myracle
The AU Singers are a group of 36 performers who sing and dance. They are accompanied by a 11-member band and meet three times a week to practice. They have two big shows a year, but also go on trips at the end of the school year to places such as New York, Paris, Brussels and Dallas. You must audition to be a member and because of this the AU Singers consistently showcase a high level of showmanship and talent in its productions.
I was a member of the AU Singers for three years. My time in the AU Singers was marked with lifelong friendships and becoming part of a tight-knit group of people. We worked hard in everything we did and this shows in the performances that are put on. The AU Singers also taught me how to be disciplined, but delight in the work you are accomplishing. Even the most mundane of tasks can become fun when you employ the right mindset.